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The In-Store Implementation Network is a service of VSN Strategies, Tucson, AZ.

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Full ISI Sharegroup Working Paper:
(Free registration required) In-Store Implementation: Current Status and Future Solutions

Executive Summary:
(Free registration required) In-Store Implementation: Executive Summary

ISI Launch Press Release:
In-Store Implementation Sharegroup Releases Working Paper

About the ISI Network. The ISI Network is a membership organization with an educational mission centered on advancing awareness and knowledge of In-Store Implementation practices. Membership is open to all bona fide industry participants – retailers, manufacturers, sales/marketing agencies, merchandising service organizations, solution providers and others in the extended retail consumer products industry.

History. The group formed originally as the In-Store Implementation Sharegroup in 2007, with 10 member companies. After a year of study, it released a working paper, In-Store Implementation: Current Status and Future Solutions, in April 2008. The report gained significant attention in the industry press, which generated numerous inquiries and offers of cooperation.

After consideration, the organizers decided to restructure the group to accommodate a broader base of members from across the industry. In late 2008, it was re-launched as the In-Store Implementation Network, with original ISI Sharegroup companies continuing their involvement as members of the group’s Steering Committee.

Mission. The essential mission of the ISI Network is educational. Its activities will include:
  • Continue to research and publicize ISI issues
  • Develop and share ISI Case Studies and superior practices
  • Research and publicize effective and practical ISI tools
  • Promote education on Implementation and retail performance management
  • Maintain an ISI Knowledge resource for members

ISI Knowledge Base. A primary ongoing activity of the ISI Network is the development and maintenance of an ISI Knowledge Base. This is an online library of member- and sponsor-contributed ISI case studies, best practices, scorecards, industry research, topic papers and other relevant documents. Abstracts of these documents will be searchable by anyone who registers as a General Member; ISI Network Premium members will gain access to certain premium content in full text and associated mechanism for comments and discussion.

Publications are invited, reviewed and edited by ISI Network staff and member volunteers. Submissions must meet editorial standards. A publication template and guidelines will be provided.
About the ISI Network

The ISI Network Mission:
Advance a Culture of Performance at Retail

ISI Defined. In-Store Implementation, or ISI, refers to the collective physical and informational actions performed at retail to actualize merchandising, marketing and media plans in the store. ISI encompasses compliance, measurement and communications activities, and is defined by a Plan-Do-Measure process cycle that controls implementation plans and work and communicates implementation signals.

Culture of Performance The ISI Network members believe it is incumbent upon retailers, manufacturers and third-party merchandising services organizations to cultivate an industry-wide culture of performance, in which the compliance levels of the past are no longer deemed sufficient and the industry adopts and attains greater expectations for In-Store Implementation. Ripe areas for best-practice innovation include:
  • Sensing - Practices for detecting and measuring relevant store conditions
  • Compliance - Practices for ensuring implementation of merchandising and promotion plans
  • Transparency - Practices for sharing and role-based exposure of performance data to decision makers
  • Collaboration - Practices for aligning goal-setting and implementation activities across departments and among trading partners
The Original ISI Sharegoup Working Paper argued in favor of a collaborative, industry-wide initiative aimed at closing the implementation gap. It proposed a path toward greater cooperation between retailers, manufacturers and third parties that would ultimately enhance the customer experience and industry profitability.

ISI Case Study Identification and Development. A primary goal of the ISI Network is to identify current best practices in In-Store Implementation and other means for advancing store-level performance. Members and Sponsors are encouraged to contribute case studies based on their own successful projects, toward the assembly of a library of best practices.

ISI Opportunities

Our Bold Agenda

ISI Network identifies significant opportunities for progress in making stores better. These fall broadly under four primary headings: PLAN, DO, MEASURE and COLLABORATE.

Our ongoing objective is to identify and share case studies, scorecards, tools and methods relevant to each ISI discipline below.

Merchandising Master Planning
ISI focus on methods and solutions for comprehensive store planning, encompassing Space, Assortment, Layout, Adjacencies and Deployment (SALAD) of categories and segments.

Shopper Marketing Master Planning
ISI focus on methods and solutions for superior marketing and promotion planning, encompassing Promotion, Display, Retail Brand, Segmentation and Shopper Media.

Planogram Compliance
ISI focus on developing a Plan-Do-Measure discipline and solutions supporting implementation, compliance and ongoing maintenance of planograms (schematics). This includes under- and over-stock control.

Promotion Compliance
ISI focus on establishing a Plan-Do-Measure discipline and solutions surrounding compliance with in-store promotions and events. This includes, but is not limited to displays, shippers, end-caps, POS materials, TPRs, sampling and demonstrations.

New/Discontinued Product Compliance
ISI focus on the implementation, compliance and measurement practices surrounding the introduction of new products to the merchandise set.

Shopper Media Compliance
The new wave of in-store media - both digital and analog - places new demands on In-Store Implementation. Message delivery and merchandising coordination require new Plan-Do-Measure compliance disciplines.

In-Store Sensing
ISI focus on multi-dimensional in-store sensing methods that are essential to measure compliance and advance Merchandising Performance Management. The "five senses" include Shoppers, Employees, Shelves, Media, and Demand.

IOC Platforms
ISI focus on establishing inter-organizational collaboration (IOC), portal-based, ubiquitous communications platforms that enable and support Plan-Do-Measure Implementation practices.

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